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Candidate dissertation - a serious scientific work, which you need to write to graduate anf to obtain a degree of candidate of science. People who take up a candidate's job understand that it is more difficult then those they wrote, as students.

Of course, there are bigger requests not only for quality, but also for quantity. The volume of a dissertation is necessarily of interest to future scientific personnel, since the distribution of general information depends on it.

Traditions of writing Ph.D.

The exact number of pages of the candidate's thesis is not determined by standarts, so it is difficult to accurately answer the question about the volume. However, it is determined by many years of "tradition". For several decades, the requirements for the scope of the study have been repeatedly changed under the influence of various factors. Nowadays, you can easily buy dissertation paper .

For example, in the Soviet times, the candidate's dissertation was driven into 110-160 pages (the text typed on a typewriter was 14 pt. With one and a half intervals), this amount was determined by comparison with the qualification work of a specialist (70-80 pages, the requirements for the text are the same).

At the end of the 90s, the first master's theses appeared, about 100 pages in size, this does not pass without a trace for Ph.D. theses and their lower bar rises to 150 sheets.

The number of sheets of a modern Ph.D. thesis should be 150-200, some applicants for a candidate of sciences write papers with a volume of up to 220 pages.

What determines the scope of the dissertation?

The scope of the candidate's thesis depends on two main points:

Specialty. The scientific work of researchers in the humanitarian field of knowledge is usually much "thicker" than technicians. This is due to the specifics of the content of the work (humanitarian abounds with sufficiently large examples from the sources being researched and their descriptions, and in technical theses the main role is played by figures, and laconic descriptions). Requirements of a particular higher education institution. In connection with the accession to the Bologna education system, in some universities it was possible to obtain a Ph.D. (Ph.D.) degree, but it requires a thesis in the volume of 250-300 pages. Also, technical parameters of the text are important for the correct definition of the volume of the thesis, they are the same as in the thesis and master's works, we recall: 

Technical parameters of the thesis.

Font: Times New Roman, 14 pt .; the interval between the lines is 1.5; fields: upper, lower - at least 2 cm, left - at least 3 cm, right - at least 1 cm; indent between the names of sections and the text - two intervals; width of the fields: upper, lower - at least 2 cm, left - at least 3 cm, right - at least 1 cm. With this typeface, 29-30 lines (approximately 1800 printed characters) will be placed on the page.

Also when checking the work pay attention to the density of the text, it should be without dilution and seals (uniform).

These parameters may differ slightly in different faculties and in different universities, these details are usually determined by the dissertational council. It should provide complete information on the requirements for the text (including the volume, if it was considered) and changes to them. All this information can be obtained from the secretary.

Differences of the thesis for a doctor's degree.

The graduate student is already familiar with such types of studies as thesis work and master's thesis, so can compare their volume. But regarding the quantitative difference between the candidate's and doctoral dissertations, questions may arise.

Of course, the volume of the doctoral thesis exceeds the candidate's, their difference is about 100 pages. If the lower bar of the candidate's thesis is 120-150 pages, then, for the doctor's thesis, this value is 200-220 pages.

Given these indicators, the graduate student should be cautious with the volume and do not bring it to the doctor's 'state', since the excess of the pages is a 'bad tone' for scientific work.

Does the number of pages affect the feedback of opponents?

How is the volume of the dissertation assessed by reviewers?

It is known that the vast volume of the candidate's thesis is not always at the mercy of its author, since opponents do not like such 'mind blowing' works. In some cases, a graduate student who defends his too many-page work, falls asleep with negative reviews in the reviews.

To avoid negative moments on the protection, try to write the work "in moderation", give priority to the quality of the information provided, rather than the number of pages.

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