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The best friend of dogs and cats is ... the Veterinarian! And that's why. A pet's health does not only depend on genetics. In 90% of cases, people start looking for a veterinarian when he is urgently needed. In the event of an emergency illness, you have to contact the first available specialist. Meanwhile, the disease is much easier to prevent than to cure. Periodic monitoring of health status allows you to identify certain problems at the initial stage. And certainly the contacts of a proven best vet dubai will come in handy when there is a 'force majeure' and help is needed this very second. A good owner chooses a veterinary clinic for his pet in advance, and does not wait for a situation from the 'everything is lost' series.

So, the task is to choose a good vet clinic . Which clinic is considered good and which one is not very good? And most importantly, how can you tell if it's good?

Criteria by which professionals advise to choose a veterinary clinic

A veterinary clinic must operate on an absolutely legal basis, with registration with the local veterinary authority. If a medical institution has legal registration, it means that the quality of services, at least on paper, meets the accepted standards

A quality veterinary clinic must have all the necessary licenses. For example, the rabies vaccine is only trusted by licensed institutions. Location Whenever possible, choose a veterinary clinic close to home. If you need to go there on an emergency basis, you do not have to rush through the city.

Many reviews do not believe, rightly believing that they are written by 'their'. For the most part, this refers to reviews on the websites of the clinics themselves. Meanwhile, reviews should not be completely discounted. It is better to look for them on the Internet on review sites or on social networks. There, the credibility is higher. As they say, how many people, only opinions. Therefore, there are no ideal veterinary clinics that have 100% positive reviews. However, the lack of reviews, many negative reviews, disputes and quarrels in the comments are markers that not everything is in order in the clinic.

Word of mouth
Recommendations from friends and acquaintances are perhaps the most reliable way to make inquiries. Friends will not advise bad. If there are no dog and cat lovers in your immediate surroundings, cast your fishing rod anyway. Friends also have friends who can share valuable contacts.

This is one of the indicators of quality. It does not always work, since a lot depends on the 'hands' and competencies of veterinarians, and not every clinic can boast of a new building. But cleanliness and neatness are the components to which you need to pay attention. If it is unpleasant to be in the clinic, it is better to choose another place.

At a minimum, the clinic should have an X-ray and an ultrasound machine. Specialists Ideally, choose a clinic where, along with general practitioners, there are narrow-profile professionals specializing in specific groups of animal diseases.

Sometimes it is enough to make a call to a veterinary clinic to roughly understand the level of service. How quickly did the operator respond to the call? Can they clearly name the cost of certain procedures? Can you tell the doctors' work schedule? Can they answer the question in detail? How polite are you?

Prices for services
A reliable veterinary clinic should have a price list with prices in the public domain. It should not be taken out from under the floor and immediately taken back. Each service should have its own fixed price, and not 'from ...'. Too expensive is not a guarantee of quality. But too low prices are not a reason to rejoice in your luck.

Pay attention to the neat appearance of the clinic staff. At the reception, specialists must be in dressing gowns. The operating room must have an operating table, specialized lighting, separate containers for instruments, etc. All this can be seen on the clinic's website or in photographs that often decorate the walls.

Infectious diseases department, hospital
Such departments are a great advantage for any veterinary clinic. If the institution has isolated animal chambers, you can leave your pet here for a while, knowing that it is in good hands. If there are no such departments, you will have to take your dog or cat to an unfamiliar place, which is undesirable. 

This is a plus, as sometimes the animal may need emergency services.

Техника для дома

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